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LEGACY (Cat nr:MAS CD 411) is finally here ...with a introduction from Thomas Wolf!

It was in 1995, that my first ideas about "bringing up a storm" were conceived. Since then, my musical visions and ambitions concerning the project have gone through various changes. However, my ambition has always been to release something more than just another ordinary live album. It gives me therefore, great personal satisfaction and pleasure to see this "stormwind special edition" finally come together.

There have been many frustrating moments for me with certain individuals involved in the music industry, so for me to see this project finally accomplished is true evidence of that oriental saying nothing is impossible to a willing mind. It has been a long journey with many ups and downs, but for me the journey proved to be more important than the goal. It has given me renewed strength and i feel that the band is on the verge of a new chapter. Looking back over the last decade and with six albums already behind us, I finally feel that the time is right for this longawaited live album with a taste of that "raw" stormwind sound.

In this stormwind box you will find 2 cdīs. On the one cd we have compiled a collection of all the bonus tracks that we have released at different times and in different countries throughout the world. On the other disc we have interactively combined live music with documentary footage covering the bands history to date. It has been a unique and thrilling experience to have the video team filming us since the bandīs conception, and hopefully we can produce something similar again in the future.

Finally, i would like to sincerely thank and dedicate this box to all of you who have supported us over the years, I really do hope that you will enjoy this... "stormwind legacy".

Stockholm december 2003
Thomas wolf / Stormwind

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