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The masters of the "LEGACY" are finally ready so prepare for a voyage through time and metal! The new Stormwind album "LEGACY" will be released the:

21:th of February 2004 Japan / Asia by Marquee Inc.
29:th of March by Massacre Records ( Mas CD 411) in Europe
and probably Brazil in May as Thomas Wolf signed a new contract with Rock Brigade Records last week.

Thanx for all of your support this year!


The bestseller book "En dag i Sverige" includes a photo of Thomas Vikström taken by Jonas Lund at the Stormwind release event, Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm, June the 3:rd 2003.

Stormwind announce!
Stormwind will release an exclusive Live box in April 2004 called "LEGACY"! The box will contain 2 discs, live songs from the Rising Tour, Interactive DVD documentary and bonustracks. The release of the LEGACY BOX is something we dedicate to our fans instead of releasing an ordinary live album...!

Thomas Wolf / Stormwind

The interview with Thomas Wolf "THE PERFECT STORM" by Dave Cokett from the UK metal magazine FIREWORKS is now available for download.

Stormwind are negotiating with U.S.A for a Stormwind show in Florida March, 2004. We will confirm the dates for 2004 later on in Oktober!

Check out the exclusive interview with Thomas Wolf "THE PERFECT STORM" by Dave Cokett from the UK metal magazine FIREWORKS.

Thomas Wolf will compose Movie and TV music for different television companys in 2004. The project will begin next week and other Swedish musicians will be involved. The music will be Instrumental parts with a bombastic "Stormwind touch"... reveal Thomas.

The Brazilian laws are now changing to avoid the bootlegging. The release of "Rising Symphony" are unfortenly delayed and we apologize!
However, this situation shall soon be solved!

Rock Brigade Records / Brazil

Check out the "Spotlight" from Burrn's June issue featuring Thomas Wolf/Dolph Lundgren in Tokyo here!

Exclusive interview with Thomas Wolf by Heloisa of the Brazilian fanclub

Ratings for the new album "Rising Symphony" are beginning to reach the Stormwind webmaster. Some of them are:

Burrn 83/100 (Jap)
Rock Hard 5/7 (Ger)
Sweden Rock Magazine 8/10 (Swe)
Metalcloven 9/10 (Bel)
Firefox 9/10 (UK)

More ratings and a full update of the "sound" page will done within a couple of days.


Sweden rocks!
The new album "Rising Symphony" sold out 1000 copies the first week in Sweden! Thanks to all our Swedish fans for your support!
See ya on the tour!

The talented keywiz Joachim Broden will fill in for former Stormwind member Kaspar Dahlqvist on all forthcoming shows this summer. (See bio later)

STORMWIND will enter the stage of Sweden Rock Festival at 7.20 pm, Saturday the 7th of June!
Prepare for the Storm Metalheads!!!

See the new e-cards of the new album "Rising Symphony"!
Version 1 and Version 2. (Rightclick and choose download for best performance)

Some output from the Promotion trip to Tokyo, Feb 2003:
Exclusive Stormwind Interview in Tokyo, Burrn Magazine, Mars 2003
Stormwind Rising Symphony advertisement, Burrn Magazine, Mars 2003
Stormwind Rising Symphony review, Burrn Magazine, Mars 2003

After four years of blood, sweat and great rock'n'roll, Kaspar Dahlqvist has decided to leave Stormwind to devote himself 100% to his family and Dionysus.

"My life is rearranging quite heavily at the moment, and I've made the choice to leave Stormwind because I can't give the band as much attention and care as it needs" - Kaspar Dahlqvist

The name of Kaspars replacer in Stormwind will be announced later. Questions can be posted in the Stormwind guestbook or the Dionysus guestbook,


NEW interview photos from the Stormwind promotion tour in Japan are available HERE!

At last! The new Stormwind album "Rising Symphony" is ready to conquer the world!

Japan/Asia- 2003-04-23 - Marquee
Europe- 2003-05-03 - Massacre (Kat nr:MAS CD 0362)
Scandinavia - 2003-05-03 - Sound Pollution
Brazil- 2003-05-12 - Rock Brigade Records

The titles are:
01. Rising Symphony
02. Touch the flames
03. Eyes of Change
04. Strangers from the sea
05. River of love
06. White Man
07. Flyer
08. Streets of Prishtrine
09. Excalibur
10. Venezia (Bonus track)

Sound samples are available HERE!

For further information or interviews, please contact our local promo department:

STORMWIND has now 4 titles from the new album "Rising Symphony" on the radiocharts in Japan! "Touch the flames", "Strangers from the sea", "Flyer", and this week the Queen song... "White Man".

The biggest Metal magazine in Europe "ROCK HARD" (Germany) have choosed the song "Touch the flames" to their new magazine CD, wich is limited to 100,000 copies!

The official releae party for the european release of the new album "Rising Symphony" will be held at Hard Rock Cafe in Stockhelm, June 3.


New sound samples from the forthcoming album "Rising Symphony" are available HERE!

New photos!!!
Check out the "members" & "pictures" links above.

New tourdates for 2003!!!
Check out the "touring" link above.

STORMWIND will play at SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2003 (Europes best Metal Festival!) the 7:th of June! (Queensryche, Twisted Sister, Yes, Motörhead, Whitesnake, among others!)

Click for more info!

STORMWIND rocks Japan!
Thomas Wolf will arrive at Tokyo, Narita (AF 276 From PARIS) Wednesday the 26th of February at 08.59 am. Exclusives Burrn Interviews, radioshows and clinics will be done before the release in April 2003!
(Further info from Marquee Inc. Japan)

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