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Welcome to the new Stormwind website!
We apoligize for any disturbance in the operation of this website this first running-in period. Problems may by caused by trimming and update of files.

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Merry X-mas & a Happy New Year!!!


Stormwind announce that David Wallin is the new drummer in the band! Patrik Johansson is staying in L.A and we wish him good luck! David will begin his first Stormwind recording in October 2002 for the next release in 2003!

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REFLECTIONS has landed and the press reviews are brilliant! Here are the ratings from the biggest Rock magazines all over the world:

Burrn 88/100 (Japan)
Hammer 5/7 (Ger)
Mindview 6/7 (Bel)
Rock Hard 8/10 (Ger)
Metal coven 9/10 (Ger)
Hard Roxx 8,5/10 (UK)
Sweden Rock Mag 8/10 (Swe)
Ardschock 80/100 (Hol)
Strutter 8,5/10 (Hol)
Renegade 9/10 (Brazil)

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Stormwind will probably participate with DREAM THEATER at "Hovet" in Stockholm next year through EMA Telstar! However, all acts from U.S.A are now cancelling the shows in Scandinavia for security reasons of the terror attacks ..! we will come back on this great oppurtunity! The release of "Reflections" in Europe (29/10) and Scandinavia (5/11) are finally here so we will follow up the reactions!

Stormwind are looking forward to see you on the Tour in Sweden wich begin with the release party at rockclub ANCHOR Stockholm Thursday the 8th of November!

Be there folks..

and ..

prepare for the storm!

Reflections got 88 out of 100 in Burrn (Japan) and climbing on the charts! One of Stormwind's biggest fan´s "Yngwie Malmsteen" (who loved the "resurrection" album) hired Patrik (Drums) for his South-America tour. We wish Patrik good luck and hope that the tour goes well even though the terror attacks in U.S.A. The new drummer for the "REFLECTIONS TOUR" in Sweden will be "David Wallin" (Blacksmith) wich really deserve this position.

Check out our brand new email video! Spread the Word of the Storm!!! Here is also our new sales letter!

We are currently rehearsing like mad to do the best shows possible on our forthcoming tour in Sweden.

Check out the tour dates in the tour section!!!

Soundsamples from forthcoming CD “Reflections” added in the audio section!

Dear friends,
At last.. After 6 months of hard work (and sleepless nights!), the new Stormwind album ‘Reflections’ is finally ready. We will hopefully keep the Stormwind site updated in the future. The release dates will be the 25 September for Asia (Marquee) and the 29 th for Europe and Scandinavia (Massacre,MNW) Cat nr: MAS CD 0303

We have now a International Fan Club for Stormwind wich will be organized by Christian Johansson.Everyone who would like to have an updated Newsletter could send an e-mail to from the first of August. We will hopefully shoot a video on the song "The man behind the Iron Mask" in August.

Every song on the album has as unique introsound which reflects the mood of the song, and the themes vary from the battering War of Troy to the epic story of Ramses.

The titles of "Reflections":
01. Genesis
02. War of troy
03. The Man behind the Iron Mask
04. Reflections
05. Illusion
06. Golden Tears
07. Queen of nine days
08. Dynasty
09. Assassin of Honour
10. Ramses

Take care!

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