Thomas Wolf - Guitar
Thomas Wolf was borned in the "year of the dragon" 1964. Thomas got his first guitar at the age of 12 and was soon a freaked guitar addict. Inspired by Queen and Blackmore´s Rainbow started he his first bands called Firebirds ,Demons and Black Velvet. At the age of 17 Thomas started to play in different constellations within the local "hard rock mob" in Stockholm like Yngwie Malmsteen,Marcel Jacob...

In the 80´s Thomas second interest Karate took all his time and in 1993 became he the Swedish Kyokushin Champion. Music was always there and on his 30th birthday Thomas received a recording studio. Thomas had an idea of creating a new rock concept with a female voice together with heavy guitars and one stormy night at the shorecliffs in the southern of France was the name STORMWIND borned. Thomas tried several singers and musicians and made his first Stormwind Demo 1995.

The first album with a AOR touch "Straight from your heart" was released in Sweden and japan 1996 and he went on a promotion tour in Japan with his manager. Thomas began to write a classical opus and work with one of Sweden's most popular flutist from the royal castle - Anna Norberg.

A videodocumentary started to be recorded and Thomas decided to invite and work with different musicians like Ian Haugland of Europe on his second album "Stargate". The album "Stargate" was released 1998 in Japan and Scandinavia.

Thomas and his Stormwind was the first Swedish rockband to enter the stage at the famous movie festival palace in Cannes , France April -98. After the tour in France Thomas formed another constellation of the best musicians he could get, and the line-up was a good choise with the well known male singer Thomas Vikström (ex.Candlemass,Brazen Abott).

The new STORMWIND started to record their 3:rd Neo-classical release "Heaven can wait" wich was released world-wide 1999 and Thomas got the invitation to participate on a tribute album to "Yngwie Malmsteen".

In the year of 2000 the breakthrough came for Thomas as a Guitarist and producer with the mighty album "RESURRECTION". The album also included his guitar symphony "Synphonia Millennialis". A guitar symphony in 3 parts from emotional flamenco to classical metal. Thomas was again invited to a great tribute album of "Jason becker" (David Lee Roth) among other great guitarists as Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse, Patrick Rondat etc.

REFLECTIONS was released world-wide 2001 and showed again his great ability of creating historical epic songs in a melancholic guitar production. Thomas Wolf is today compared in the biggest music magazines with the greatest guitarist´s in the world and are aclaimed as a splendid composer.


Thomas Vikström - Vocals
Thomas is now 30 years old, but sang his first tone as he saw the daylight in 1969. His father Sven-Erik Vikström, a famous opera singer at the Royal Opera in Stockholm inspired Thomas, although he never took any singing lessons. 1988 he formed his first band Talk of the Town and their hit single "Free Like an Eagle" sold gold! Thomas also tried his ability on the musical theater and in 1990 he entered the stage at "Folkan", a theater in Stockholm.

In the end of 1990 he played the keyboards with the Swedish hardrock band Talisman.

1991 he starred as the maincharacter in the opera "Hoffman’s adventure" in Stockholm.

1993 was Thomas the leadvocal of the metal band Candlemass as they released their album Chapter six. 1994 was the year of Thomas Vikström’s, his first solo release called "If I could Fly", an A.O.R. oriented album. In 1995 he began to work with the Brazen Abbott project together with other great vocalists like Joe Lynn Turner and Göran Edman.

Thomas participated with 3 songs on each release of Brazen Abbott during the years 1995 - 1997. From the end of 1997 to December 1998 he played the main part as "John" in the musical "Miss Saigon". During all these years he also worked with different Swedish artists. In 1998 he became the lead singer of Thomas Wolf’s Stormwind and the recordings began, between August 1998 and January 1999, with the album "Heaven can Wait".


Kaspar Dahlqvist - Keyboards
Kaspar is 25 years old, he took his first piano lessons for a private teacher at the age of 11. He took private lessons for 5 years, but he was never satisfied with classical pieces like "Fur Elise".

In 1989 Kaspar began to play in a coverband, Maybees, and got the taste for symphonic rock which led him, after 3 years, to a progsymphonic band. In 1995 he participated with a solo on an album with In Flames, and in 1996 he began to work with the progmetal band Treasure Land.

Their first CD "Questions" was released 1996 (by Modern Music, JVC, Japan) and was followed in 1998 with "Gateway". However, the band finished their deal with Modern Music later the same year. Kaspar got the invitation to join Stormwind by Thomas Wolf in October 1998. Kaspar accepted with honor to play the keyboards of Stormwind, and began to work with the album "Heaven can Wait" at once the very same year.


Andreas Olsson - Bass
Andreas was born 1978 and his curiosity in music began already at 7 years old when he began to play the cello. The Swedish super-band EUROPE threw him off the roofs when he was 8 years old, and he began to play the guitar at 10. Andreas began to play Contrabass and bass when he was 15 years old and began to study music at Norrköping and jazz at Lunnevads folkhögskola.

Although, the interest for rock music took over and he began to play with the Europe-coverband Seventh Sign, which he still plays in.

Andreas also began to study at MEMUS at Stockholms Musikkonservatorium and at the Rockmusician program at Birkagårdens folkhögskola..

Andreas got the position in STORMWIND as Bassplayer in early April 1999 and will make his debut with the forthcoming album "Seven Seas" that will be released in June 2000!


David Wallin - Drums
David was born in Stockholm in may 1976. At the age of 4 his interest for music started to blossom, and with the help of some saucepans and ladles he had built his first drumkit. At the age of 6 David started to take drum lessions and at 10 he formed his first band that later became "Shamrock".

When David was 18 years old he began study at Rytmus - a music and artist school started by Stockholms Musikkonservatorium. At Rytmus friends were made and the result was bands like "Fudge" who later got their own part of a national tv-show. After three years of study and another year of military service he applyed for the Rockmusician program at Birkagårdens Folkhögskola in Stockholm.

At the age of 19 David joined the band of the well known Swedish guitarist Benny Jansson, and started to give drum lessions, both private and through "Aktiv Ungdom". He formed the band "Metroplex Drive" that became a notorious club-band in Stockholm and also joined "David Sandmark med Grupptryck" that released a couple of CD's and are still active. The experience and routine gained many studio and live gigs and almost turned David into "a drummer on call". Playing almost 7 days/nights a week turned a joyful hobby to a stressful obligation and made David almost give up the music.

At the age of 23 David's interest for drumming once again prospered when he joined the band "Blacksmith" and released the album "Once upon a star". On the way catching up his career the band "Sabba" was formed with ex partner Lars Johansson and Pelle Englund.

A fiew months later David got a call from Thomas Wolf and the circus was on...